Free Speech after a Free Press

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January 15, 2017
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Centre for Academic Social Action

Call for Papers: Journal of Media Watch

Free Speech after a Free Press

Issue Editor: Dr. Brian Gorman
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
MacEwan University, Edmonton AB, Canada / www.

Important Dates: November 15, 2016 (Abstract submission)
                                    January 15, 2017 (Full paper submission)

In some parts of the world– notably North America, Great Britain and Australia – newspapers and, to a lesser extent, broadcast news organizations, appear to be dying. In the case of newspapers, the disease is a wasting one, in which the loss of advertising dollars combined with a disastrous decision to give content away for free online is quickly starving all but the largest news organizations with the widest reach. And the speed with which the atrophy has taken place has been breathtaking. The conditions ailing broadcast news are more complex and subtle – ranging from the same struggle for ad revenue to the race to the bottom instigated by all-news networks.

In other areas of the world, however, newspapers are doing well, often thriving and sometimes growing. Sometimes, it seems as if nations that came later to – or had to struggle for – free speech tend less to take it for granted.

However, it’s likely that, even in countries with the most robust free press, technology is going to force evolution upon the news business.

Media Watch is planning an issue dealing with the future of the news business around the world.

Thus, we are calling for submission from media scholars in as wide a range of locations as possible, dealing with the future of the free press, as seen from technological, labour, craft and business perspectives. We are interested in sociological, political and cultural revolution in a post-free press environment.     

Rather than examining ways to preserve the press as we know it, we are asking scholars to imagine a world after the demise of the current news industry.

Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj
Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Media Watch
Department of Communication
7-166C, 10700-104 Avenue
MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5J 4S2

Contributors are encouraged to query the editors (,, in a short e-mail describing their paper to determine suitability for publication. Journal of Media Watch will only accept true, original and pure fundamental and empirical research papers which were not published before in any publications.

Abstract: The abstracts should define objectives, theoretical framework and methodological approach, as well as possible contributions for the advancement of knowledge in the field. As a length measure, each submission should have an abstract of 150-200 words. Authors should provide five or six keywords for their abstract to facilitate online searching.

Length: As the journal is primarily print-based, we encourage articles or manuscripts, including references, tables, and charts, should range between 20-30 pages (7000-8000 words).

Style: References should also follow APA style (6th Edition).

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Cover Page: (for review purposes): Include title of manuscript, date of submission, author’s name, title, mailing address, business and home phone number, and email address. Please provide a brief biographical sketch and acknowledge if the article was presented as a paper or if it reports a funded research project.


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