MATC Pedagogy Symposium "Houston...We Have a Problem"

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October 15, 2016
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Mid-America Theatre Conference

The 38th Annual Mid-America Theatre ConferenceHyatt Regency Galleria, Houston, TX  ~~  March 16-19, 2017“Houston…We Have a Problem”Pedagogy Symposium—Call For Papers

For our 2017 meeting in Houston, the Pedagogy Symposium invites proposals of presentations, conversations, and workshops that apply the conference theme of “We Have a Problem” to the unique challenges of pedagogy. The phrase “we have a problem” had its origin in the nearly catastrophic loss of the Apollo 13 moon mission and its astronauts. What might that story, since magnified to mythic proportions, have to tell us about meeting the challenges of teaching theatre? Delving into the transcripts of the Apollo 13 transmissions reveals memorable dialogue that may prompt submissions to this year’s Symposium.

02d 07h 55m 35s Jim Lovell – Commander: “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

Who is our Houston? What resources do we turn to in times of trouble? What role do colleagues and mentors play in the development of our teaching? To what extent do (or should) institutional resources provide the help we need?

02d 08h 28m 06s Jack Lousma – CAPCOM: “Okay, 13. We’ve got lots and lots of people working on this.”

What challenges are unique to the diverse learning constituencies and student populations we work with in theatre, and how can we anticipate, prevent, or troubleshoot problems for these communities?

02d 11h 12m 36s Jack Swigert – Command Module Pilot: “God damn. I wish you’d get to something I know.”

What role does technology play in helping us solve our problems in the classroom or causing them? How does technology help or hinder our approaches to both novel and ongoing challenges in our instruction and in our students’ learning?

02d 15h 16m 01s Jack Lousma – CAPCOM: “Okay. From what you say, we have to be a little skeptical of this procedure, but we’d like to have you try it and have you evaluate it.”

What specific tactics, tools, assessments, approaches, et al. have you used to remedy particular problems you’ve faced in your pedagogy? How were you able to diagnose the problem and evaluate the efficacy of your solution?

03d 12h 34m 08s Jack Lousma – CAPCOM: “How you feeling, Fred?”

What role does maintaining student wellness play in your pedagogical approach? How can we help keep students physically, mentally, and emotionally strong?

Submissions should include: applicant’s name, rank, academic affiliation, telephone, email, presentation title, presentation format (single paper, co-authored paper, panel proposal, roundtable discussion, workshop, etc.), and 150-250 word description. Please also indicate whether technology (including audio and video) is desirable or essential and any specific needs. (Note that technology accommodations are extremely limited during the conference, and it may not be possible to accommodate all requests.)

Deadline for submissions: October 15, 2016

 Please send submissions electronically as MS Word or PDF files to BOTH:


Andrew Gibb    

Texas Tech University

Travis Stern

Bradley University