deadline for submissions: 
May 11, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
Multimeans Media International


Multimeans Media International announces the search for editors  of  new journals of Science and Humanities to be launched in January, 2017  by her Academic Publishing Unit. The Journals are fully open access journals, and will consider solicited and unsolicited submissions.


Editorial Scope

MMI journals will be a universal forum for the rapid publication of a broad range of research results, with emphasis on interdisciplinary research. Fully peer reviewed and held to the same high standards of rigour as traditional print journals. The new journals articles will  provide authoritative information on all fields of Science and The Arts and Humanities.

Digital-only nature of the journal will allow for freedom in experimentation with new article types and other ways to serve the communication needs of the academic community.


Applications and Nominations

Applications and nominations should be e-mailed to MMI via: The Academic Publishing Unit of MMI will review applications and nominations as soon as received; and  short-listed candidates  informed of their status. The successful candidates will be contacted to commence work on the maiden editions of the journals.

Please provide your CV and a cover letter..


Sincerely yours,

Chritopher Usiemure, Managing Director,

Multimeans Media International