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September 1, 2017
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Arc Humanities Press


Shakespeare’s plays, however revered, may have come to seem exhausted or inert in this new age. To recreate Shakespeare means to graft a personalized understanding onto present-day forms: we change a cultural artifact in order to make it our own, to get it to speak to us in our own language, or even to appreciate and ensure its permanent strangeness. What kinds of new stories can users generate from the Shakespearean text? How much meaning can these recreations bear without becoming overly heavy, eccentric, or bathetic? Where exactly do we locate the intersection of “Shakespeare” and “popular” culture, and how can such engagements change our already complex ideas of authorship? This series seeks to define the ways in which our understanding and responses to Shakespeare’s work have undergone important transformations in the postmodern, digital age, and explores emergent forms of Shakespeare in new venues, as generated by amateurs and artists, critics and informed enthusiasts. Recreational Shakespeare examines contemporary forms of media performance—radio, graphic novels, “fan fiction,” loose novelistic adaptations, blogs, horror movies, internet parodies, YouTube memes, and avant-garde internet podcasts—to discover how they alter the art itself, refreshing or revitalizing Shakespeare’s great works.
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Keywords: Shakespeare, new visions, authorship, creativity, graphic novels, comics, cinema, new media

RICHARD BURT, University of Florida
TOM CARTELLI, Muhlenberg College
CHRISTY DESMET, University of Georgia
SUJATA IYENGAR, University of Georgia
MIKE JENSEN, Independent Scholar
STEPHEN O’NEILL, Maynooth University