First International Interdisciplinary Conference, “Identity Negotiations”

deadline for submissions: 
February 28, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Benedictine University at Mesa
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First International Interdisciplinary Conference, “Identity Negotiations”

Benedictine University at Mesa July 13-14, 2017, Mesa, Arizona

Benedictine University at Mesa hosts an interdisciplinary international conference to explore various issues pertaining to the topic of negotiating identity. In a time undergoing such drastic changes, it is increasingly urgent to examine the various ways in which individuals, collectives, and/or nations negotiate identities not only politically and economically but also culturally and ideologically. With immense pleasure and great anticipation, Benedictine University at Mesa invites writers from across the disciplines (art, architecture, film studies, family studies, history, political science, medicine, biology, literature, theology, philosophy, religion, sociology, cultural studies, computer science, etc.) to engage questions of negotiating identity, particularly ways in which personal and national identities appear unsettled and sometimes inscrutable. In the realm of fiction and the mundane social life alike, negotiations of identity determine boundaries, alliances, and means of communication. How do individuals approach issues of language, religion, fashion, etc. in terms of social norms? How do regional and global matters such as sovereignty or memory affect negotiations of identity? How does literature teach us to approach the issue of identity?

Benedictine University at Mesa International Interdisciplinary Conference “Identity Negotiations” welcomes provocative proposals for presentations on topics that encompass, but are not limited to:

-          Bildungsroman and identity negotiations

-          National and individual identity negotiations

-          Identity negotiations in diaspora communities

-          Linguistic identities

-          Cultural influences on self-identity

-          Parenting and family roles in negotiations of identity

-          Memory and negotiations of identity in literature

-          Cyborgism

-          Virtual and actual identity

-          Aporias of law and identity

-          Disability and identity

-          Health and identity

All presentations are to be delivered in English.

Proposals for individual papers should include the following:

-          a title and an abstract of 150-300 words for a 20-minute presentation;

-          on a separate page, author’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address;

-          A-V equipment and any form of special accommodation.

Please note: only one proposal per conference participant may be submitted.

Those working in a visual or performance medium should submit:

-          A C.V.

-          An artist statement

-          20 images of the artist’s work (can include stills or installation shots)

-          Abstract outlining the specific focus of the exhibition

-          A-V equipment and any form of special accommodation.

Panel proposals as well as undergraduate student proposals should include the above information for all proposed participants.

The accepted submissions will be clustered around their common topics and areas of interest. As is typical of multidisciplinary conferences, the final program, released about three weeks before the conference, will mirror the research agendas of the delegates rather than a pre-conceived list of arbitrary topics.

Confirmed keynote speaker: Dr. Stephen Silverstein, Assistant Professor in Spanish, Baylor University, “Constructing Cubanness: Negotiating Whiteness, Blackness, and Jewishness in Late Colonial Cuba.”

Note to Graduate Students

Graduate students may submit their conference presentation for the Benedictine University Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, which carries a small prize.

Graduate students are asked to identify themselves as such in their proposal so we can send information about the Benedictine University Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award when it is available.

Deadline for submission of proposals: February 28, 2017

Early bird registration (if registration is completed before March 30, 2017):

-          Professors and Independent Scholars: $130

-          Graduate Students: $60

Conference fee:


-          Professors and Independent Scholars: $150

-          Graduate Students: $75


-          Sponsors and general attendees: $30/day

-          Graduate Students: $20/day

For the main program send proposals and inquiries to Dr. Ramon Luzarraga,, and Dr. Maria Granic-White, For visual media send proposals and inquiries to Prof. Michael Tole, For undergraduate panels send proposals and inquiries to Dr. Tony Cella,

You will be notified as to whether or not your paper is accepted by March 15, 2017.