American Children’s Poetry and its Audiences

deadline for submissions: 
January 10, 2017
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Children's Literature Society of American Literature Associaiton

The Children’s Literature Society of the American Literature Association seeks abstracts for papers to be presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association in May 25-28, 2017 discussing any aspect of the audiences for children’s poetry. Poetry is the genre that has traditionally blurred the distinction between child and adult audiences. Many acclaimed poets for adults also write for young audiences, and young people perform poetry written for adult audiences, often responding to those poems by creating and performing poems of their own. At the same time, there are large numbers of educators as well as some poets who write exclusively for children who insist that poetry for children is and should be separate and distinct from poetry written for adults. Papers may explore American children’s poetry and its multiple audiences from or across periods of American literary history as well as poetry created by young people themselves.

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Please send abstracts or proposals (around 300 words)