Education and Policy-Making in India

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November 20, 2016
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EU-India Project E-QUAL

Education and Policy-Making in India

Concept Note and Call for Articles for E-QUAL News Issue 13 ( November 2016)

Send your submissions to: by 20th November, 2016.

E-QUAL News: Bi-Monthly Online Newsletter-Magazine of EU-India Project E-QUAL :


We invite articles and research papers from students, research-scholars, independent scholars teachers, policy-experts and activists on the sub-themes mentioned below. The list is indicative but by no means exhaustive.

1. Centralisation and bureaucratization of the academy

2. Education and Human Rights
3. Educational schemes and institutions in India: formation of NCERT, RTE, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, RUSA, NAAC
4. History of national education policies in India ( 1968, 1986, the current draft)
5. Investment in Higher Education in public and private sector: the idea of custodianship
6. Technology Enabled Knowledge Production and traditional institutions
7. Primary Education, Adult Education and Technical Education
8. Disability and inclusive education
9. Internationalisation in Higher Education
10. Policy making and Gender
11. Educational policymaking and inequality
12. Class, caste and access to higher education

Following are the submission guideline. Please note that all articles must abide by the submission guidelines

1. All articles must have a title, author name and a designation of the author.
2. Maximum length for articles: 2500 words
3. Acceptance and acknowledgement of articles is provisional and all articles will go through a process of internal review by faculty members before publication.
4. Text font: Garamond, Size: 11.
5. Heading Font - Heading 1, Font: Garamond. Size: 16, Colour: Black.
6. Articles may contain illustrative and relevant images. Images should be embedded within the original articles.
7. The articles should be accompanied by a photo (soft-copy) of the author in passport size.
8. Citation Rule: MLA in text style citation guidelines should be followed. Please check the latest citation style guidelines. Please do not use footnotes. Use end-notes only.
9. Please use references (websites, journals etc.) as and where applicable.

Please send your articles to the following email ID: (with the heading "Submission for E-QUAL News November 2016 Issue")
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