Call for Papers for Literary Miscellany Special Issue on Indian Poetics: Theory and Praxis

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March 30, 2017
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Dr. Ujjwal Jana
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Call for Papers





Literary MiscellanyVol. 6, No. 2, Jul-Dec 2017


Special Issue onIndian Poetics: Theory and Praxis

Indian Poetics (popularly known as Kavyasastra /Alamkarsastra) occupies a significant place in the intellectual and knowledge traditions of ancient India and is integral to the understanding of its rich poetic and critical thoughts which are still relevant in the present context. The long tradition of Poetics in Indian context can be traced back to the 2nd century BC with Bharata’s Natyasasthra, the foundational treatise on dramaturgy, in particular and on aesthetics, in general and is followed by an outstanding  line of  poeticians like Bhāmaha, Dandin, Vamana, Anandavardhana, Abhinavagupta, Kuntaka, Ksemendra  in the divergent schools of  criticism. Each school with its abundantly resourceful poetic, aesthetic and philosophical deliberations on diverse aspects of art, literature, criticism has nourished the discipline of Poetics and contributed to its sustained growth. It, therefore, showcases the tremendous potential these critical approaches have for the interpretation of a text and other works of literary art. In addition, K.C. Pandey, S. K. De, P. V. Kane, V. K Chari and others have provided innovative and critical ways of looking at Poetics with new theoretical approaches. Side by side, there have been others like K. Krishnamoorthy, R.B. Patankar, M. S. Khuswaha who have taken a step forward by attempting to apply the theoretical tools of ancient Indian poetics for the aesthetic appreciation of literary works across cultures. The applied and interpretative practices of the ancient theoretical tools in the contemporary times have imparted a new and fresh lease of life to the theories, steeped in antiquity.

Themes of focus may include but are not restricted to:

1)      Aesthetic tradition in Indian context.

2)      Aesthetic theories in applied criticism

3)      Indian Aesthetics as a method/critical tool to interpret art, architecture and literature

4)      Comparative poetics

5)      Indian poetical theories from cross cultural perspective

6)      Regional contribution to Indian Poetical tradition

7)      Contribution of Poeticians to interdisciplinary studies.


The research papers double-spaced, in not less than 4000 words and not exceeding 7000 words and book reviews in approx 1200 words should be submitted electronically in MS-Word and PDF file formats to the Guest Editor / Editors, at their e-mail addresses given below not later than 30th March 2017. The title, name(s), and full mailing address of author(s), including email, should appear on the first page of the manuscript.


All papers submitted to LITERARIA should be original, neither having been previously published nor being considered elsewhere at the time of submission.


Authors can send us the manuscripts according to the APA Format as specified in the 5th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or according to the MLA Format given in the 6th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.


Papers will be considered for publication after these are blindly reviewed by a team of experts formed for the purpose. The Guest Editor will notify authors about the acceptance (or otherwise) once the comments of the reviewers are received.



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