[DEADLINE EXTENDED] Ecology/ies | February 24-25, 2017

deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Northeastern University English Graduate Student Association


February 24-25, 2017

Northeastern University


Deadline extended: now February 15, 2017


Though scientifically dense and tethered to biology, ecology—particularly in its multiple, ecologies—is an area rich for discussion and interpretation. At its root, the word “ecology” comes from the Greek word oîkos, meaning “house.” At its most basic translation, “ecology” becomes “study of the house,” and is open for the complex questions about this space of living and interaction.


We invite papers and presentations that critically examine any variation of the theme of “ecology” and/or “ecologies” in literature, theory, history, film, drama, philosophy, rhetoric, composition, visual culture, the public humanities, the digital humanities, and the sciences. What is your or your field’s view of potential ecology/ies? How might we view ecology/ies as they exist in the world? Are they connecting or disperse? Can ecology/ies exist intangibly? What does space include and what does it not include? How might one ecology shift alongside, communicate with, or withdraw from other ecologies?


Topics to consider may include, but are not limited to:

  • What interactions can occur within an ecology? How might they shape the ecological landscape?

  • What are the lasting material, political, and cultural effects of imagined communities, nations, borders, boundaries, and spaces?

  • Can ecology/ies be constructed, unnatural, person-made?

  • How might we see past (historical knowledge), present (social movements), and future (cultural revolution) coalescing into varying ecologies of time, people, and location?

  • What are the politics of ecology/ies? Where might political agendas take root?

  • How do we imagine the future of the humanities and their many spaces and sub-disciplines?

  • Is there an open space for wildlife in the humanities?

  • What role do visual, narrative, or aesthetic forms have in drawing our attention to global ecologies?


As we critically explore these topics of space, we will also welcome different interpretations of presentation space within the conference. With that in mind, we are excited to accept proposals for panels, poster presentations, and Skype/video presentations (for those unable to physically attend). In your submission, please specify which of the above presentation styles you are proposing.


Scholars from interdisciplinary backgrounds, as well as both graduate and undergraduate programs, are encouraged to apply. Please send abstracts of 300-500 words to egsa.northeastern@gmail.com by February 15, 2017. Include in the submission your name, department, university affiliation, and style of presentation.