Digital Textualities/Canadian Contexts: special issue Studies in Canadian Literature (SCL/ÉLC)

deadline for submissions: 
January 5, 2017
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Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) & SCL/ÉLC

SCL/ÉLC - Studies in Canadian Literature - special issue

Digital Textualities/Canadian Contexts

Essays on the intersection of text and the digital in the Canadian context are invited by the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory/Collaboratoire scientifique des écrits du Canada (CSÉC/CWRC) for a special issue of Studies in Canadian Literature/Études en littérature canadienne on digital approaches to writing and culture in Canada. 

We are interested in submissions that take up digital literary or cultural research, broadly conceived, in Canada. Essay topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:

* digital humanities research in and on Canadian literature and culture: histories, trends, practices, possibilities, resources

* reading and writing (about) Canadian literature in the digital age

* Indigeneity and digital culture

* Canadian e-literature

* digital collaboration: working collectively in the academic context

* online research and the academy: support, structures, protocols

* producing and reading digital texts

* technologies of image, text, and sound preservation and presentation

* intellectual property

* gender and marginalized identities in a digital context

* invisible research and development: digital researcher as academic avatar

* reading and writing digital games 

* interfaces: design, politics, subjectivities

* digital readership: identifying constituencies for research 

* close and distant readings of digital texts

* digital self-publishing

* the borders and the shape of the digital nation

* area studies and digital scholarship in Canadian contexts: who is digital and why?

* crossing disciplinary, institutional, and community divides; public facing digital humanities

* the contexts, challenges, and discontents of collaboration

* new technologies and old scholarship: bibliography in the digital context

* the impact of digital humanities resources in and on Canada on literary and cultural study; anthologies and datasets

* Canadian innovations in text analysis and text mining

The issue will also be published in an open-access digital version that will allow interlinking with digital materials. Submissions should be 6,000-8,000 words in length, including Notes and Works Cited, and should conform to the MLA Handbook, 8th edition. We welcome submissions in English and in French. Please send essays along with a 150-word biographical statement before January 5, 2017 by email to 

Susan Brown 


Cecily Devereux 

Studies in Canadian Literature /Études en littérature canadienne

Campus House 11 Garland Court PO Box 4400 UNB Fredericton NB Canada E3B 5A3