Italian Poetry from 1975 to present. Reconstructions and Interpretations of the Contemporary.

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January 20, 2017
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Ticontre. Teoria Testo Traduzione

Il pubblico della poesia (Cosenza: Lerici), edited by Alfonso Berardinelli and Franco Cordelli, was published in 1975. It is the first anthology to consider the poetic generation that appeared after 1968. The novelty of these poets was characterised in three main ways: the interruption of the linear relationship with Tradition; the «tendency towards the fast dissolution of the sociocultural and ideological figure of the Author»; and a change in the literary field. As argued by Berardinelli in the introduction: «[...] The Self that produces poetic texts in these years no longer resembles that of the great tradition of the twentieth century, and probably not even that of the author’s fathers and older brothers of the preceding twenty years ».

Traditional literary historiography and its fixed interpretative categories have already long been inadequate to describe and analyse the new poetic production. Surprisingly, Berardinelli and Cordelli, who first described this rift and critical impasse, were also the last to try to map the new scenario. Indeed, it is fair to say that literary critics and scholars have agreed almost exclusively on only one point, regarding Italian poetry since the 1970s: the impossibility of mapping it.

The choice not to historicise has also been accompanied by an increase in groupings according to given trends (especially within anthologies), aimed at supporting and legitimating a specific emerging poetics. Even though not much is left of most of the critical maps published during the last decades, many of these attempts are interesting in themselves – and rather revealing. After a certain point, every attempt to describe the new poetry has become a hypothetical reconstruction of it.


The situation has changed over the last fifteen years. The publication of anthologies exploring literary works published during the last century – or half-century – (Parola plurale, Dopo la lirica, La poesia italiana dagli anni Sessanta a oggi), of essays and historiographical surveys (such as those included in the issues 11, 13, 16 and 17 of the literary journal «L’Ulisse»), as well as the increased number of conferences and academic symposia (Pontignano 2001, Torino 2015), bear witness to a renewed interest in providing a comprehensive overview of the Italian poetic field.

As yet, however, no critical consensus on a general framework has been reached. The aim of this monographic section is to contribute to the history of contemporary poetry, by providing an overview of Italian poetry from 1975 until today. 1975 is rich in symbolic meanings: this is when Pasolini died, Montale received the Nobel Prize for Literature and gave a speech that can be considered a requiem for the lyric genre; it is also the year of the publication of Il pubblico della poesia.  


This monographic section will encourage historical inquiries, textual analyses on multiple authors, and research integrating the study of formal aspects with a focus on the evolution of the poetry.

We will accept original contributions exploring, but not limited to, the following topics:


  • Historical surveys and comprehensive interpretative patterns of this period.
  • Attempts at periodization from the 1975 to the present; attempts at periodization that consider the poetry of 1970s under a more general perspective (e.g. in relation to the whole twentieth-century, or in comparison to previous decades).
  • Inquiries into the identification of models, reference points and generational trends.
  • Metrical and stylistic analysis on multiple authors, with the aim of identifying recurring features and formal characteristics of contemporary poetry.
  • Studies on the evolution of non-lyric poetry during the last decades.
  • Reconstructions of reconstructions: Italian poetry from 1975 until today through the analysis of historiographical interpretations.
  • Research focused on changes within the literary field (e.g. analysis of anthologies, journals, literary reviews, web sites and social network)
  • Inquiries into the relationships between poetry and prose and between poetry and other literary genres.
  • Studies on the Italian poetic scene seen from an international perspective (e.g. by exploring the influence of foreign literature on Italian poets; comparative analysis etc.).



Conversely, we will not accept: inquiries into single authors, unless explained by their generational and long-term importance, or militant interpretations, supporting a single poetic group.


We accept proposals for contributions in Italian, French, Spanish and English. If interested, please send an abstract of about 300 words, together with a bio-bibliographical profile (max 150 words, attached in a separate file), to, by 20th January 2017.

The results of the selection will be announced by 5th February 2017. Selected contributions must be sent by 20th May 2017, and will be peer reviewed.