'Division and Connection' The Edinburgh Undergraduate Literature Conference

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January 3, 2017
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The Edinburgh Undergraduate Literature Conference
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UPDATE: Extended Deadline for Essays now 27th December. Extended Deadline for Abstracts 3rd January 2017.


Call for Papers

The Third Annual Edinburgh Undergraduate Literature Conference, 2017: Division and Connection

Department of English Literature
The University of Edinburgh
50 George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9JU

Monday 20th February, 2017


The English Department at the University of Edinburgh is pleased to be hosting the Third Annual Edinburgh Undergraduate Literature Conference, which will take place on the 20th of February 2017. This conference is intended to provide undergraduate students a platform where they can engage in and share independent research work in a supportive, peer-led academic community.

The organisers invite academic papers on the subject of literature in English. Papers may focus on any texts and theoretical approaches of your choice. This includes texts in translation. While only the abstract is required for consideration, each participant should plan that their completed paper can be presented in 15 minutes at the conference. Abstracts or completed papers should be submitted via email by 16 December, 2016.

In response to the prevailing political climate in the western world — following the British electorate’s decision to leave the European Union in the referendum earlier this year and the entrenched racial, gender and class divisions that led to and have in turn been exacerbated by the election of Donald Trump as the American President — the theme for this year's conference is Division and Connection. We encourage applicants to interpret the theme in any way they see fit. Some possible interpretations may include:

  1. The ways in which literature or the arts can divide or connect society
  2. Divisions and connections between disciplines or art forms
  3. The ways in which social structures like race, class, gender, nationality, et cetera divide society
  4. Creative modes of empathy and understanding that allow people to connect across these divisions
  5. The differences and affinities between Britain and the rest of Europe
  6. Ramifications of social divisions and/or movements of solidarity and connection in wider world beyond Britain, America and Europe


The above list is in no way exhaustive, and applicants are welcome to interpret the theme in ways other than those listed above.


In addition to the general theme, the organisers would also like to invite the submission of papers for a series of specialist panels to consider the theme of 'Division and Connection' within the following fields of study:

  1. Literature and the Other Arts
  2. Literature and Technology


Submissions to the Conference need not necessarily be restricted to the above panels. There will also be a series of open panels for papers that do not necessarily fit within the above specialist areas.


Students may submit either abstracts for proposed papers or completed research papers. The word limit for abstracts is 250-300 words and for finished papers is between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Students may submit work that they have written as coursework for their degree programme. Students also may, and are even encouraged to, make amendments to coursework based on the feedback they receive after their work has been formally assessed.


Abstracts for prospective papers will be considered for presentation at the conference. Completed papers will be considered for the Charity McAdams Prize, awarded to the best research paper submitted to the conference. Only completed papers submitted by the aforementioned deadline will be considered for the Prize. All entries for the Prize will also be considered for the general submission to the Conference automatically.


To submit a paper, or if you have any further queries, please email the conference convenors at conference@literature.hss.ed.ac.uk


Further information about the Conference can be found on the web site at www.literature.hss.ed.ac.uk/


The deadline for submitting papers and abstracts to the conference is 16th December 2016.