A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Illustration, volume I

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January 20, 2017
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A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Literary Illustration, Volume I: Approaches
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Call for proposals


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A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Literary Illustration

Volume I: Approaches

Edited by Leigh G. Dillard and Christina Ionescu


Proposals are invited for the first installment in a multi-volume collection, titled A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Literary Illustration. The first volume is designed for students and established researchers seeking an introduction to approaches in this field; it can also be used for book illustration scholars seeking to extend their theoretical and methodological tool kit. Contributions should provide an introduction to pertinent theoretical terms and concepts, a practical demonstration, and suggestions for further reading. When possible, examples should be chosen from more than one national tradition. We invite proposals on the following topics to fill gaps in our existing commitments:

  • Book illustration and consumer culture
  • Book illustration and post-colonial theory
  • Book illustration and fashion studies/costume studies
  • Book illustration and visual rhetoric
  • Book illustration and art history
  • Book illustration and literary history

Please send 300-500 word proposals to Christina Ionescu (cionescu@mta.ca) and Leigh Dillard (leigh.dillard@ung.edu) by January 20, 2017. The deadline for the submission of completed chapters will be December 15, 2017.