DUE DATE EXTENSION Chiasma Issue Four: Science, Materialism, and Continental Thought

deadline for submissions: 
January 4, 2017
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Chiasma: A Site for Thought

Continental philosophy and science have a complex and tumultuous relationship. At turns oppositional and complementary, their discourse has been marked by mutual incomprehension and distrust, often leading to a general lack of interest. But with the recent appearance of the so-called New Materialisms – the materialist Deleuzianism of Manuel DeLanda, the Speculative Realism of Quentin Meillassoux, Ray Brassier, and Graham Harman, the “neuro-turn” of Catherine Malabou, Donna Haraway’s animal studies, the actor-network theory of Bruno Latour – there has been a renaissance of science studies in continental thought. Recent philosophical writing has become newly unafraid to not only draw on scientific concepts for guidance and inspiration, but also to directly analyze the sciences as objects of metaphysical and epistemological inquiry. These developments promise not only to be a boon to continental philosophy, but potentially to the sciences as well. It is for this reason that the upcoming fourth issue of Chiasma will focus on this turn towards the sciences in all its mutations and perspectives.

Possible topics could include:

  • Science and metaphysics
  • Science as a social practice
  • Philosophy and science’s relationship as complementary and/or antagonistic
  • Critical approaches to the scientific method
  • The relationship between science and scientism
  • Neurology and neuroplasticity
  • Ecology and eco-criticism
  • The intersection between analytic and continental philosophies of science
  • Science and the transcendental
  • Scientific analogies in philosophical reasoning
  • Biopolitics
  • Philosophy and reductionism
  • Scientific consensus and normativity
  • The scientific use of philosophical concepts

Essays should be 5,000-9,000 words long and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Please send papers with abstracts of no more than 150 words to chiasma.asiteforthought@gmail.com by JANUARY 4, 2017.