deadline for submissions: 
February 15, 2017
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New York African Studies Association
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42 ND Annual Conference

at The University at Buffalo, New York

31 March – 1 April 2017


DEADLINE EXTENSION: 15 February 2017


After 40 years, the Annual Conference of the New York African Studies

Association returns to Buffalo. In 1977 we organized our program on the

theme of “The Applications of African Studies.” In world tradition, 40 years

is a significant time. It is clear that both in 1977 and today “Africa” has

always been a concept as well as a continent, and since 1977 its many

meanings have diverged and specialized. Please join us at the 42 nd Annual

New York African Studies Association Conference at The University at

Buffalo (State University of New York) to investigate these changes.

“Emerging Africas” prompts multi-disciplinary conversations about

differing and competing narratives and imaginations of a place (Africa),

people (Africans), and ideology (Africanism) across space and time. This

conference will investigate these narratives and imaginations by focusing on

sub-themes such as expressive culture, technology, politics, science, place,

migration, economics, gender, globalization, religion, and others.

NYASA 2017 welcomes proposals for presentations, panels, posters,

roundtables, and plenary sessions that focus on topics which include (but are

not limited to) the following:

• Producing Knowledge on Africa and Africans

• Technology and the Production of African Identities

• Literature, Performance, Visual Arts, Popular Culture

• Space and Geography

• Mobility, Migration, and Displacement

• Refugees, Human Trafficking, and Slavery

• Gender, Women, and Sexualities

• Race, Ethnicity, Class

• Fundamentalisms and Domestication of Global Violence

• History and Today

• Economies, Politics, and Sovereignty

• Agriculture, Environment, and Urbanization

• Public Health and Medicine

• Religion and Spirituality

• Human Rights and Social Justice

• African Agency / International Relations

• Educational Innovation

• Pan-Africanism

Other topics for papers will be considered, as will proposals to organize

panels and to promote student participation. By 15 January 2017 please send

abstracts of not more than 150 words to the Local Organizing Committee to


Please suggest which sub-theme best fits your topic. Also, specify if you will

need media resources (e.g. Audio Visual Equipment) for your presentation.

Participants MUST be registered and drafts of presentation papers must be

submitted by 28 February 2017 to be listed in the program and considered

for publication.

Registration will be at www.nyasa.org .

If your proposal is accepted and you need additional documentation of

acceptance (for obtaining a visa or travel funds), NYASA will provide this

upon request.

Conference registration: $ 150.00. Access to all events and includes a one

year membership to NYASA.

One day registration: $ 85.00. Access to all one day events but does not

include membership.

Students/Seniors: Conference registration: $ 60.00. Access to all events and

includes one year membership to NYASA.

One day registration: $ 30.00. Access to all one day events but does not

include membership.

For further inquiries email Nyasa2017@gmail.com

Or call: 518.694.7359

For Information About Hotels / Accommodation go to www.nyasa.org

To Become a Member go to www.nyasa.org


NYASA 2017 Conference will hold a K- 12 Teacher’s Workshop focusing

on the themes of the conference while exploring teaching methods and

resources available for teaching about Africa.

The Teacher’s Workshop is open to all K-12 educators in New York State as

well as educators in other states and Canada. The workshop is FREE.

Current employment identification card or official letter is required for


For Teacher’s Workshop information and registration go to www.nyasa.org