Empowering the Armenian Women

deadline for submissions: 
December 30, 2016
full name / name of organization: 
American University of Armenia
contact email: 

Individuals representing international and Armenian organizations and universities (e.g., academic, non-academic, state and local/Marz governmental, non-governmental, business, political, cultural, social, etc.) are encouraged to submit  abstracts of papers or presentations to address one or a combination of the following issues:

  1. Examples of successful national/international gender and women’s studies programs which include academic, and/or research, and/or policy, and/or services components; challenges they face in the development and maintenance of such programs; and the proven/projected impact of such activities on society.
  1. Immediate and long-lasting impact of female risk factors (see definition of female risk factors in the “Definition of Terms” section) on the lives of girls, women and society.
  1. Examples of national and international evidence-based approaches/programs/practices/policies which have the potential for enhancing female empowerment (see definition of female empowerment in the “Definition of Terms” section) in family and society; challenges in their implementation; and evidence-based methodologies for overcoming implementation challenges.

Abstract Requirements

Prospective presenters are also requested to include in their abstracts and presentations their own definitions for “female empowerment” (if different from the one provided in the “Definition of Terms section), and their recommendation(s) for enhancing the empowerment of girls and women in family and society.

  • Abstracts to be written in Armenian or English, and in MS Word;
  • Content of abstract is limited to a total of 400 words, including definitions, recommendations, tables and charts – if any;
  • The following information must be included in the abstract:
    1. Title of presentation
    2. Name of presenter, and academic degree – if any
    3. Institutional affiliation
    4. E-mail address of presenter
    5. Content of abstract, including a definition for “female empowerment” if different from the one provided in this call
    6. Recommendations – if any
  • Please submit your abstracts to mahsamosahab1@yahoo.com by January 15, 2017.