Deadline Extended!! Stages in Transition: South Asia and the Diaspora

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March 3, 2017
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Hunter College, City University of New York
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Deadline Extended!!




Stages in Transition: South Asia and the Diaspora


Hunter College

City University of New York


April 29, 2017


Theater of South Asia and the diaspora is a rich topic for exploration, particularly in our current political climate, in which questions of cultural identity, citizenship, personal and cultural expression, movement between cultures and geographic borders are all at the forefront of public discourse globally. How do place and space, our understanding of home and belonging come to inflect the theater that we make?


This symposium focuses on South Asian performance both in and outside South Asia, but we also welcome papers that address, more broadly or in related contexts, issues of globalization, migration, immigration, refugees, the countries we come from and the countries we belong to. We hope to invigorate productive conversations around the notions of movement, of shared pasts and shared futures, a conversation that will have at its center theater of South Asia and its diaspora, but that acknowledges that South Asia exists in the context of and in conversation with other places. Thus, we also invite papers that address the themes of migration and immigration in other places, that find themselves adjacent to the notion of “South Asia” but not necessarily directly overlapping it. Possible topics include:


  • South Asian theater and the notion of “South Asian-ness”

  • Diasporic theater (both South Asian and other diasporas) and the question of identity

  • Intercultural performance and the incorporation of Asian theater techniques into non-Asian forms

  • Performances of immigration or migration

  • The ethics of theater in the wake of the global refugee crisis

  • Performances of Islam and relationships between religion and national identity

  • Translations of South Asian performance and performance texts

  • New and changing audiences in South Asian contexts


Please send the title of your presentation, a one paragraph abstract, a one-paragraph bio, and your affiliation and contact information to BOTH Claudia Orenstein at and Kat Lieder at by March 3.