Documents in Human Life: Fresh Approaches

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May 12, 2017
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Proceedings from the Document Academy
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Documents play roles in all aspects of human life. Recognizing this, the Document Academy seeks to celebrate and explore documents beyond traditional and formal academic research publications. We take inspiration from works such as Pablo Neruda's odes to common things and memoir essays telling the stories of particular documents, such as “The Money,” by Junot Diaz. Such approaches have the capacity to illuminate aspects of reality that are overlooked by traditional academic research.
For this special issue (volume 4, issue 1, of Proceedings from the Document Academy), we invite submissions that creatively explore any aspect of documents or documentation, particularly in ways that are not possible in traditional research publications. This call renews the discussions of writing culture and experimental scholarship in anthropology and sociology, and it builds on recent developments in the social sciences seeking to bring academic research to broader publics by exploring novel forms for scholarly communication.
We welcome essays, memoirs, short stories, poems, photo essays, audiovisual presentations and other forms of fiction and nonfiction. We encourage playful, experimental, boundary-pushing and discipline-spanning contributions. Besides the focus on documents, broadly defined, there is no limit to subject matter, style or approach. Submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board of Proceedings from the Document Academy.
Submissions should be compact and accessible to non-specialists. As a rule of thumb, submissions should be up to 1,000 words or the non-textual equivalent thereof (five pages, five minutes, etc.), but this is not a hard limit. Questions can be directed to Tim Gorichanaz, co-editor, at Find this CFP on the web at: Submit at: 
Key dates:

  • Submission deadline: May 12, 2017
  • Anticipated publication: June 19, 2017