Transdisciplinary Conversations on Peat and Peatlands

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June 2, 2017
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University College Cork
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Transdisciplinary Conversations on Peat and Peatlands



8th July 2017

University College Cork



Call for Papers

This day-long symposium will bring together scholars from the humanities, arts, and sciences, as well as community activists, to build new collaborations and develop frameworks to address issues around the value and ‘wise use’ of natural resources in the context of threats, including anthropogenic climate change. The focus will be on peatlands, endangered environments across the world, which provide a range of ecosystem services ranging from cultural heritage to carbon sequestration.


This meeting is intended to establish an active network of researchers and practitioners to plan for future public outreach and communication, with an aim to bring about change, from inspiring community activism to influencing national policy and encouraging international cooperation. We invite papers and short presentations (15 minutes) from across the disciplines and from all interested groups and individuals. Possible topics and themes may include (but are not limited to):


  • The significance and impact of cultural representations of 'the bog', 'turf', and associated activities, such as cutting and burning;
  • Peatlands as artistic and literary inspiration and influence;
  • Historic attitudes/policies regarding the use of peatlands and/or their eradication;
  • The significance of the Anthropocene in assessing the role of peatlands worldwide;
  • Peatland conservation, restoration, activism and intervention;
  • The non-human inhabitants of peatlands;
  • Peatlands as archives of past landscapes and people, archaeology and heritage;
  • EU environmental policies and the future of peatland ecosystems;
  • New perspectives and approaches for understanding the science of peatland systems;
  • Communicating value and addressing popular perceptions of and attitudes to peatlands in Ireland and beyond.


Please submit a 300-word abstract by 2 June 2017 to the organisers at:; and follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @UCCPeatlands