The Survivalist Movement: Prepping for Destruction

deadline for submissions: 
May 31, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
International Interface



The Survivalist Movement: Prepping for Destruction

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 31, 2017

Conference Dates: August 22 & 23, 2017

Call for Presentations

Often called doomsday preppers, survivalists are found throughout the world, readying themselves for the end of life as they know it, whether by natural disaster, major economic decline, the crumbling of their country’s infrastructure, or a large-scale global disastrous event such as nuclear war. Regardless of the event, the survivalist movement has grown in popularity, evident by the number of blogs, magazine articles, television shows, podcasts, and websites offering survival tips and gear. 

International Interface welcomes the input of academics, educators, health professionals, manufacturers, business owners, bloggers, parents, performers, social scientists, writers, and anyone interested in discussions related to The Survivalist Movement.

We welcome presentation proposals that include topics such as:

The History of Preparedness
Surviving a Natural Disaster
Living off the Grid
Effects of Disasters on Everyday Life
Preparedness Instruction
Survival Schools
The Business of Survival
The Psychology of the Survivalist Movement
Clean Food and Water in Disastrous Situations
Zombie Apocalypse Movement
Surviving Nuclear War
Construction and Survival
Working Together to Survive
Rebuilding after Disaster
Economic Disaster Survival
Migrating to Survive
Urban vs Rural Survival
Academic Courses on Survival
Wilderness Survival
and many more…


What to Submit:

Up to 400 word abstract.

Submission Deadline:

May 31, 2017

Where to Submit:

In the subject line, please place the word ABSTRACT and email your abstract as an attachment (.doc, or .docx only) to

Peer Review Process:

​All abstracts submitted are double-blind peer reviewed using the following method. Office personnel responsible for opening email will open your attached abstract, recording your abstract title, your name, and your contact information in a password-protected spreadsheet. Your abstract will be assigned a review number. The review number has no bearing on the review process other than for the purpose of identification of your paper after the double-blind peer review process is completed. The abstract document you submitted will then have your name, and any identifying information (address, email address, work address, etc.) removed from the document. The original document is then added to a password-protected folder accessible only by office personnel and the conference moderator. The conference moderator will notify all members of the review team of the availability to review your abstract. The abstract is then emailed to the first two sub-committee members to respond. The reviewers will have seven days to review the abstract and submit a completed abstract review form, via email, to the moderator. The moderator will then notify you of the findings of the reviewers via email (sent from the same email address you used to submit the abstract), either inviting your participation, or if rejected, you will be given a copy of the review form for your records. There are two types of abstract rejections: The first is a hard reject in which no further submission attempts may be made for this conference. The second type is a soft reject in which the abstract submitter is invited to revise the abstract and resubmit. Specific instructions will be given to you if a soft reject reply is given. All resubmissions are considered by two new reviewers using the same double-blind peer review process. The new reviewers will be made aware that it is a resubmission, but the abstract’s first review will not be forwarded to the new reviewers, making this new review independent of the former review. If rejected a second time, no revised abstract will be accepted.

Multiple Delegates / Authors of One Abstract:

​Each abstract is considered independently, however, if there is more than one delegate listed on the abstract as contact or author, team fees will apply if the abstract is accepted. Only one presentation per team is allowed, however, up to five team members may participate in the presentation from different locations.

Submitting More than One Abstract for Consideration:

You may submit up to three abstracts. Each abstract is considered independently and is considered an independent request to make a presentation at the conference. If more than one abstract is accepted, fees for each will be billed, however, a 40% discount will be applied to all abstracts billed after the first accepted abstract which is billed at 100%. ​

The Reservation Process:

If your abstract is accepted for presentation at the conference, the email you receive will contain a link to a form that must be completed. All applicants are required to complete the form and return it via email by the deadline (stated below). ​

Application Deadline:

Applications and payments are due no later than June 25, 2017.

Payment Process:

International Interface will email an invoice along with the findings of the reviewers if your abstract is invited to participate. Invoices are required to be paid online using our secure payment gateway.  

Payment Amounts and Deadlines:

Single Authored Abstract: $99 if paid by April 10, 2017 – After April 10, 2017 - $149
Single Authored 2 Abstracts: $158.40 if paid by April 10, 2017 – After April 10, 2017 - $238.40
Single Authored 3 Abstracts: $217.80 if paid by April 10, 2017 – After April 10, 2017 - $327.80
Team Authored Abstract: $149 if paid by April 10, 2017 – After April 10, 2017 - $199
Team Authored 2 Abstracts: $238.40 if paid by April 10, 2017 – After April 10, 2017 - $318.40
Team Authored 3 Abstracts: $327.80 if paid by April 10, 2017 – After April 10, 2017 - $437.80
Sit In Reservation: $69 if paid by April 10, 2017 – After April 10, 2017 - $99


*No abstract submissions will be considered after the Submission Deadline of May 5, 2017 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time – US. All payments must be made no later than June 25, 2017 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time – US.

From Abstract to Presentation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step One: Submit your abstract of no more than 400 words to the email address given in the Call for Presentations (CFP). During this step, your abstract will be double-blind peer reviewed. Your Abstract must arrive no later than May 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time – US.

Step Two: Open the email containing your abstract status and respond accordingly. If your abstract is accepted and you are invited to attend the conference, please move on to step three. If your abstract is hard rejected, please consider International Interface for future collaboration. If your abstract is soft rejected and you would like to be reconsidered, please use the reviewer’s comments to revise your abstract and resubmit using the instructions provided in your email.

Step Three: Complete the reservation form using the link received in your acceptance email. Review the payment table (earlier=savings) and make the payment by the deadline stated in the table and as outlined above.

Step Four: You may submit your full paper by no later than August 1, 2017. This is an optional step.

Step Five: Using your official invitation email which will arrive only after the reservation form and payment is completed, log on to the virtual conference on August 22 and August 23, 2017.

Presentation Time:

Each delegate that makes a presentation has 30 minutes to complete their presentation. Once completed, the discussion period begins. Twenty minutes will be allowed for discussion. There will be a ten minute break between presentations.


Information on Conference Proceedings and Publishing:

After the conference ends, conference proceedings will be published in .PDF format and made available to everyone at no charge. These conference proceedings publications are not peer reviewed, however, the abstract was peer-reviewed. There inside cover pages of conference proceedings publications contain a statement of review, reflecting this information. All other printed materials (series, readers, journals, etc.) are peer-reviewed before publishing, by the publications editor, or an editorial team. More information on publishing will be provided to all participants as the conference begins. Please visit the Publishing page for further information.

Technical Requirements:

International Interface will host your virtual conference. There is no software or app to download; all you need is the link to the conference which you will receive in an email when both the reservation form and payment has been received. To make a presentation, you must have a webcam (or camera on a phone or tablet). Participation via telephone is available at no extra charge except for any long distance fees that your telephone service provider may charge to you. International Interface will not make provisions for equipment and all participants must provide their own equipment in order to participate. International Interface will not be responsible for any additional service charges that your Internet Service Provider or telephone service provider charges and any fees that the delegate may incur for those services are the sole responsibility of the delegate.

You only need to have a reliable internet connection, a microphone and speakers or headset to participate. You may participate from any location that provides these services (café, library, etc.). 

Prepare to log in at least 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled start time to iron out any technical issues you may have.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Cancellations must be received in writing via email sent to You must give us the title of the conference, your full name and contact information, the title of your presentation, and the reason for your cancellation. All cancellations will incur a 25% service fee. Cancellations received before 11:59 pm on April 10, 2017 will receive a full refund of the remaining 75% of paid reservation fee. Cancellations received between April 10, 2017 and April 30, 2017 will receive a 50% refund of remaining fees paid. Cancellations received between May 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017 will receive a 25% refund of remaining fees paid. No cancellations will be refunded from June 25, 2017 forward.