Animation and Advertising

deadline for submissions: 
May 15, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Kirsten Thompson/Seattle University
contact email: 

Call for chapter proposals: Animation and advertising



Proposals are invited for chapters in a new edited collection on the topic of ‘Animation and Advertising’.



Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The place of advertising in the histories of famous studios and animators.
  • The role of animation in the history of advertising.
  • Studies of advertising animation studios (e.g. Jam Handy, Nathan Love).
  • Animation theory and advertising: the role of animism, anthropomorphism, graphic design, and commodity fetishism in advertising.
  • The affective power and appeal of animated advertising.
  • ‘Many-sited’  and historically specific animated advertising: magic lantern slides and other optical toys, animated billboards, 2D and 3D analogue and digital displays, web animation, advertising in video games, music videos,  television, mobile apps, interstitials and logos.
  • Animated advertising and paracinematic and protocinematic place (the cinema lobby, the public square, specific spaces like Times Square, the Akihibara district and many others), and/or as site of consumption (nibble nook/candy counter, illustrated songs and lobby sheet music sales) and social  or temporal practice (cinema intermission, 2D and 3D pop up advertising; TV/streaming web commercials and multitasking, etc).
  • Animation in the new global economy and the growth of transnational corporate marketing.
  • Nationally or regionally specific animated advertising.
  • Animated advertising broadly defined: product placement, sponsored, industrial, propaganda, documentary, and educational animation.
  • The impact of new primary materials/research documents on our understanding of animated advertising and the challenges of archival practices: digitised publications, corporate archives, online video repositories.  
  • Animated advertising and its theorisation across disciplinary boundaries: Animation studies, Cinema and Media Studies, Marketing and Business Administration. 
  • Animated stars in advertising and advertising characters who become stars (The  Flintstones and  Winston cigarettes, Bugs Bunny and Kool Aid, Wallace and Gromit and PG Tips tea).
  • Advertising and product placement/ synergy/cross promotion across media.
  • animation and specific advertising technologies, from mechanical devices to electricity to digital and virtual/augmented forms
  • Animation and commercial television.
  • Intermedial connections of animated advertising: print cartooning, graphic art, performance.   
  • Advertising and the digital: augmented reality/virtual reality/360°.
  • Animated advertising and surveillance.

Proposals for chapters (7000-8000 words) in this edited collection should include a chapter title, a brief abstract (400 words), and academic biography (100 words). These should be sent to the editors Professor Kirsten Thompson (thompski[at] and Dr Malcolm Cook (m.cook[at] before 15th May 2017.