Sylvia Plath: Letters, Words and Fragments. 10-11th November 2017.

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2017
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Ulster University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
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Autumn 2017 will see the much-anticipated publication of The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 1. Following on from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath (2000) and Ariel: The Restored Edition (2004)this book is another landmark contribution in efforts by Plath scholars to piece together and recuperate Plath’s words that have for so long been fragmented. With The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 1, Plath’s words and experiences will be drawn together to give readers a fuller insight into her creative process and richly artistic literary life. The new information we receive from The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 1 promises to offer new readings of Plath’s poetry, prose and fiction writing as well as her literary influences, passions and pains. 

In anticipation of the clarity that The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Volume 1 will surely produce, this conference seeks papers that will explore new and diverse discussions about Plath’s writing, the contexts against which her work was written, how we read her in the past and how we read her today. Papers are encouraged but not limited to the following subjects: 

- (Re)reading and recuperating Plath
- Published/unpublished Plath
- Plath and her archives
- Plath and her correspondences
- Plath and friendship
- Plath and biography
- Ecocriticism 
- Representations of Plath in popular culture 
- Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath 
- Plath, her peers and literary influences 
- Feminism and Plath 
- Plath and Whiteness 
- Queering Plath 
- Plath and place 
- Plath and voice 

Papers from all disciplines are welcome - with full panels and artistic contributions especially encouraged. Please send proposals of no more than 350 words to  by Monday 31 July 2017.