Encyclopedia of Racism in American Cinema--LAST MINUTE CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS

deadline for submissions: 
June 2, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Salvador Jimenez Murguia, Akita International University

This is a last minute call for contributors to the Encyclopedia of Racism in American Cinema.

This volume is set to go into press this year, but due to a number of contributors dropping out at the last minute, I really need to have some entries covered.

The deadline for these is 2 June--FIRM AND NO EXCEPTIONS or EXTENSIONS.

As there is no time for multiple editing rounds, the entries will have to be submitted in exceptional form.

If you have the time and know you can really turn out a 450-750 word entry in under 2.5 weeks, please contact me. After that, I'll send you a list of last-minute entries to be filled and some detailed instructions for completing your entry.

All interested parties are welcome to inquire, though I am really looking for independent scholars, graduate students and junior scholars with some background in critical race studies.


Salvador Jimenez Murguía, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Sociology
Akita International University
Yuwa, Akita-city 010-1292 Japan