Law and (Dis)Order: Call for Panel Themes

deadline for submissions: 
July 27, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

The Sewanee Medieval Colloquium invites proposals for panel themes engaging with forms of law, order, disorder and resistance in all aspects of medieval cultures. These sub-themes address a particular aspect of our general theme, and could be the basis for either one or two panels. As a rule of thumb, panel themes should be broad enough to encourage numerous applicants, and interdisciplinary proposals are particularly encouraged. Possibilities include the development of legal systems, the ordering of history writing, resistance to forms of social control, the development of particular artistic or poetic forms, the ordering of manuscripts, the concept of the will, systems of gender difference, scientific laws, orders of creation, and conflict or exchange between different social, religious, or ethnic groups. If a panel theme is accepted, organizers will be responsible for selecting participants (from abstracts submitted through this website by October 26, 2017) and choosing a commenter (a well-established expert in the field) to respond to the papers at the panel session. 

Panel theme proposals should include a description/rationale of the panel theme, a list of possible commenters (organizers may serve as commenters), and the CVs of the organizers, and are due July 27, 2017. Participants in the Colloquium are generally limited to holders of a Ph.D. and those currently in a Ph.D. program.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Matthew W. Irvin
Director, Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

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