Global Perspectives: Fostering Interdisciplinarity in the French Curriculum

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September 30, 2017
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NEMLA 2018
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NEMLA 2018 - Pittsburg April 12-15, 2018

In order to prepare globally-competent students with social responsibility and an understanding of current events, classroom content shifts toward communication, collaboration, and problem solving across cultural, racial, and linguistic boundaries. As these 21st century skills and aptitudes gain importance in a curriculum or course, where does this leave room for the more traditional francophone literature, language and even culture courses?

In this panel, participants will explore their diverse strategies for incorporating global issues into the French and Francophone studies curriculum. How do instructors blend literature, culture, and language content with the essential problem solving and critical thinking skills that are essential for the 21st-century foreign language student? How do we, as French and Francophone faculty, help develop these skills in context? By extension, how do departments and/or programs adapt their curriculum and extra-curriculars to encourage students to study French? 

Participants will therefore try to answer these questions by sharing examples - from course syllabi and specific activities in courses that explore topics such as French for the professions, French and environmental studies, and French language and culture through the media. In addition, participants will show how to apply skills and modern concepts in the classroom at different levels of proficiency. They will also delve into how to promote cross-cultural exchanges and engage with authentic media so that students gain the global competence needed to participate as engaged, and effective citizens of the world.

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