Immersive Identities: Measuring the Reality of Virtual Spaces

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September 30, 2017
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NEMLA 2018
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NEMLA 2018 - Pittsburg April 12-15, 2018

This panel engages a debate surrounding virtual reality and immersive story telling: do subjects project their real selves into virtual worlds, or do they use them to experience alternative identities?

By closing experiential gaps between the virtual and corporal, immersive virtual spaces can be experienced as real. Accordingly, virtual reality and immersive story telling can encourage subjects to express their real social behaviors, emotions, or morals. Similarly, subjects often experience virtual worlds in this manner, despite the presence of fictive or fictional elements.

Alternatively, immersive virtual spaces can also be experienced as distinctly un-real, and subsequently provide subjects the opportunity to create alternative identities. The virtual can become a form of escapism: a space to act out fictive identities, adopt foreign behaviors, or experience morals or emotions different from one’s own.

This panel gathers projects that analyze subject matter that evaluates, debates, compares, or converges these two perspectives. Some suggested topics:

· Avatars as real, or as adopted identities.

· Video games as a form of behavioral training.

· Immersive gaming worlds (World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Fallout, Far Cry)

· Mobile technologies that collapse the real and the fictive.

· Social networks as virtual reality (pokemon go / tinder / facebook / snapchat/ Instagram)

· Virtual spaces in real life (theme parks, escape rooms)

· Virtual classrooms and/or the pedagogy of 3D headsets.


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