Inclusion and Exclusion: Teaching LGBT Issues in the French Language Classroom

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September 30, 2017
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NEMLA 2018
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NEMLA 2018 - Pittsburg April 12-15, 2018


In the 21st century classroom, whether students learn how to develop a variety of intellectual perspectives, acquire skills to manage social and civic responsibilities, or refine professional tools for their future career, diversity is an ever-present imperative. In order to support diversity in all its forms, the language curriculum should engage with LGBT issues in ways that reflect current social changes and issues and that question heterosexist norms and assumptions.

Conscientious instructors must not only teach through students’ assumptions and misunderstandings, but also engage in a process of critical self-exploration of their own beliefs. How can we make sure, as instructors, that our classroom is gender-inclusive? How can we challenge the heteronormative framing of identity and practice responsible pedagogy ? How can we assist students in developing newer and more significant investigations on these issues ?

This panel invites papers focusing on ideas for how teach gender expression and identity in the French language classroom. Paper proposals discussing cultural resources (graphic novels, films, texts) that allow for the integration of worldviews that diverge from the “monosexual” paradigm favored by traditional textbooks are encouraged, as well as papers focusing on methods, activities, and pedagogical resources appropriate to different levels of the language curriculum.


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