The Socio-politics of Counterfutures (NeMLA 2018)

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September 30, 2017
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NeMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association)
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NeMLA Annual Convention - Pittsburgh, PA - 12-15 April, 2018

In “Further Considerations on Afrofuturism”, Kodwo Eshun argued that the impact of the Middle Passage and slavery could still be felt in African American authorship today. The erasure of their African past, culture and heritage leaving them disconnected and made strangers, black writers look to the future as a way of dealing and engaging with the present. The term counterfutures is thus used to describe those writings that explore the potentiality of a dissonant life, ones which reimagine the futures the current path of human experience seems to lead to.

This panel aims at evaluating how authors, be they African American or otherwise, grapple with a variety of (sometimes conflicting) notions of futurity, be these in science fiction, fantasy or any other genre. Some questions the panel will address include:

-What are the social, political, literary or other functions of writing about futurity?
-Are some groups predisposed, more inclined or better suited to writing about futurity?
-What do futures (counter-, afro-, etc.) tell us about the past and/or present?
-What is the significance of temporal, positional or spatial in this type of writing?
-What add layers do we extract from revisiting these authors’ texts from the futures about which they write?

This panel welcomes submissions that engage with texts from all literatures, music, film and/or art.

Please submit 300 word abstracts alongside a short bio before September 30th (confirmation will be sent by October 15th) through the NeMLA submission page:

Applicants are not required to be NeMLA members at the time of submission but accepted speakers will have to become members by December 1st, 2016.

For further information contact Eyal Handelsman at or consult