Ist International Conference on Ancient Drama - The Forgotten Theatre

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August 31, 2017
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Centro Studi sul Teatro Classico Università degli Studi di Torino
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 CALL FOR PAPERFor young researchers, Ph.D. students and Professorsdeadlyne 31th aug 2017 Ist International Conference on Ancient DramaThe Forgotten Theatre 30th November – 1th December 2017University of Turin (Italy)Aula magna, Palazzo del Rettorato Conference coordinator Francesco Carpanelli (Professor of Greek-Latin theatre, University of Turin),Keynote speaker Enrico V. Maltese (Head of the Deparment of Classics, University of Turin). The Centro Studi sul Teatro Classico (Center for Studies on Classic Theatre) has scheduled for 30th November-1th December 2017 its first academic conference for young researchers, Ph.D. students and Professors of Humanities.The conference The Forgotten Theater aims at revitalizing the scientific interest in dramatic Greek and Latin texts, both transmitted and fragmentary, wich have been long confined in restricted areas of scientific research and limited to few modern staging. The conference will host academics (philologists, scholars in history of theater) and exponents of the theatrical world (directors, screenwriters) who want willing to contribute in throwing a new light on the forgotten theater through their studies, reflections and experiences. Themes discussed

  • Criticism, commentary, and constitutio textus of complete and fragmentary texts (comedy and tragedy);
  • Reasonable attemps of reconstructions of incomplete tetralogies;
  • Research on theater plots known for indirect tradition;
  • Developments of theatrical plot between the Greek and Latin world;
  • The influence of foreign theater traditions on the Greek and Roman theater;
  • The influence of other forms of camouflage art (dance, mime) on the development of the Greek and Latin theatre;
  • New scenographic considerations based on the testimonies of internal captions, marginalia and scholia to the texts;
  • New proposals for modern staging of ancient dramatic texts;
  • Medieval, humanistic, modern and contemporary traditions of ancient drama.

 How to participateIn order to participate, the candidates are required to send an e-mail to containing:

  • an abstract (about 300 words) of the lecture they intend to give at the conference and the title;
  • brief curriculum vitae et studiorum which highlights the educational qualifications of the candidate and the university they are attending.

Each lecture should be 20-25 minutes long, plus a few minutes for questions from the public and discussion. The lectures may be given in Italian, English, or French (with preference for the Italian language).The candidacies may be submitted until August 31, 2017. Within the month of September 2017, the scientific committee will publish the list of the lecturers whose contribution has been accepted.Refunds for the lecturers coming from other countries than Italy will be quantified thereafter.The scientific committee will also consider publishing the proceedings of the conference. Scientific committeeProfessor Francesco Carpanelli (University of Turin)Professor Enrico V. Maltese (University of Turin)Professor Giulio Guidorizzi (Emeritus of University of Turin)Professor Angela M. Andrisano (University of Ferrara) InformationFor information please contact us at: teatro.classico@unito.itSite: