call for paper of an edited book- Myriad shades of Motherhood

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August 30, 2017
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Dr. Nazia Hasan/ Aliagrh Muslim University
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Mothers experienced new challenges when they stepped out to earn and be independent wearing a corset of morals in the early twentieth century. They laboured to sustain, reproduce and stabilize their families while working in both private and public spheres. There have been changes with gender sensitive policies. But it seems Democracy fails her when home remains a site of sentimentalized romantic longings, a mother’s work remains a God given mission. We are upgrading our skills to deal with the new demands, but mothering and rearing up babies remain a Herculean task. Are all women ready to embrace motherhood naturally? Is it a biological phenomenon only or an attitude? Is there any explanation to what Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Shashi Deshpande, Anita Desai and others feet about motherhood? When they write of the loneliness of being mothers, the delicate bonding and how a little squealing being becomes the centre of her universe? Her social, political, personal and economic aspects undergo tremendous changes – does it affect her intellectual self too? Why do I nod to G B Shaw even though it offends me that a woman loses her intellectual capacity when she becomes a mother? We have discussed heroes and heroines of all sorts in literature and criticism. Let’s look at mothers, this time.

The book will deal with different aspects of motherhood as presented in different genres including Cultural literature and Media.

Please, use proper APA style of referencing.

This edited book will be published by Kitaab, Singapore.

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Abstract of 300 words by 30th June, 2017 with a brief bio-note



Full paper 0f 5000-6000 words by August 30, 2017




Papers related to but not limited to the following topics are welcome:


Motherhood as a sacred obligation

Theological and mythological perspectives on Motherhood

Literary and figurative conceptualization of motherhood

Mothers in Literature

Gender Discourse and Motherhood

Challenges of motherhood in the twenty first century

Mothers in the East and the West

Cultural literature on mothers

Revolutionary mothers

Isolation, space control and motherhood

Cine-ma s

Johnson’s Baby and mothers

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