Reminder: Caped Crusaders: Re-'fashioning' Superheroes in the 21st Century

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September 30, 2017
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NeMLA 2018
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The 49th Annual NeMLA Convention - April 12-15, 2018

Pittsburgh PA

Whether in print, film, or other media, the superhero costume invites audiences into another world. From Batman’s cowl to Wonder Woman’s tiara, a superhero's costume creates an ethos that cultivates collective imaginaries of a particular character’s power, their reputation, and their iconography. While heroic dress does not always define the hero, it does play a certain part in constructing the identities of characters throughout time. This panel seeks to investigate and dissect the aesthetics of superhero dress and how their costumes have been adapted for the 21st century. Participants are invited to reflect on the following questions: What role does fashion play in the adaptation and re-imagining of heroes? What current developments, values, fears, and movements are reflected in superhero dress? Is superhero fashion mobilized as an embodied practice? What role does technology play in fashion and costuming?

Through a detailed and specific focus on the costume, panelists are asked to consider the possible topics:

Sexuality and Gender

Queer Studies



Identity Politics


Power Dynamics

Construction and Functionality

Papers might focus on comic book adaptations on big and small screens or comic book characters' revival in print.


Abstracts are to be 300 words max and submitted directly to NeMLA website:

If you have any questions please contact Forrest Olivia Johnson -