Reminder: Thinking of Difference: Critical Approaches to Narratives of the Non-human

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September 30, 2017
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NeMLA 2018
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The 49th NeMLA Annual ConventionApril 12-15, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA

This panel seeks to investigate particular narrative strategies of describing the non-human experience in literature, drama, philosophy, and art throughout the ages (not simply the 21st century). Papers for this panel are invited to reflect the following questions: how are ideas of the non-human transmitted in literature, art, and other media and how can we assess them? What trends, novel methods, gaps, or fallbacks are present as humans attempt to understand the other? Further, how do narrative strategies across media or time periods compare or contrast?

Possible approaches to investigating narrative strategies may include but are non limited to:

-Evocations and portrayals of the non-human in literatures

- Creating worlds and spaces for the non-human

-Visual representations of the non-human in art, theatre, and film

-The non-human as a boundary-crossing hybrid / the experience of crossing boundaries

-Processes of inclusivity and exclusivity

-The non-human as a philosophical or political symbol

-The relationship between the ancient interpretations of non-human and modern definitions of the non-human

- Implications of gender and performativity in non-human narratives

-Panpsychism and the non-human

- The representation of non-human spaces

By contemplating the many contexts and depictions of the non-human, this panel will not only gain a better understanding of the multiple connotations of the term, but will also contribute to the ever evolving field of the Humanities.


Please submit abstracts (300 words max) directly to the NeMLA website:

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