“The Body Aged: Performance, Disability, and Aging in the Long Eighteenth Century”

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September 15, 2017
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American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
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This panel continues the work started by the "Ecology of Ageism in the Long Eighteenth Century," a panel at ASECS in 2016 that focused on the constructions of age in the eighteenth century. Not only a reflection of genes or time, aging is a cultural discourse that affects the interpolation of identity and the power dynamics of privilege. "The Body Aged: Performance, Disability, and Queer Aging in the Long Eighteenth Century" seeks to expand the discussion of aging by connecting age studies to work in performance theory, disability studies, and queer studies. Topics might include characterizations of the young, the middle-aged, or the elderly in literary and non-literary texts; life cycle and life narratives; generational rivalries for socioeconomic power; commercialization of aging in newspapers and in health spots like Bath; the body and age expectations; gendered assessments of age cohorts; problematizing narratives of decline; female sexuality after motherhood; disability simulation through aged simulation; disability communities and life cycle; queer interpretations or interventions, or readings of old age and embodiment; and reassessments of authors in the later periods of their lives.  Submit proposals to Ian Sullivan, Fordham University, AND Melanie Zynel, Wayne State University; isullivan7@fordham.edu and melanie.zynel@wayne.edu by 15 September 2017.