Call For Research Papers on World Literature

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July 31, 2022
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Call for Papers by 31 July, 2022 and 30 September 2022


A Bi-Annual International Refereed e-Journal of English Studies

Research Papers on World Literatures

Impressions, A Bi-Annual International Refereed (Peer Reviewed) e-Journal of English Studies (ISSN 0974 – 892X) strives to present work of high quality in English Literature, Linguistics and Cultural Studies from the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural perspective. The aim of the journal is to publish substantial scholarly and critical interventions on emerging trends in literature in English and works in translation. We are always keen to receive submissions from scholars in the form of Research Papers, Articles, Poems, Short Stories, Interviews and Book Reviews. Submissions are accepted and read year-round.

Critical articles can be on any of the following aspects:

  • Writings in English and in Translation
  • Theories of Culture; Popular Culture; Cultural Conflict
  • Socio-Political Attitudes in Literature
  • Representations of Gender, Caste and Race: Issues related to Sub-alternity/ Marginalization
  • Postcolonial Theory and Literature
  • Partition Literature 
  • Migration, Globalization and Cosmopolitanism
  • Language, Linguistics and ELT
  • Historical Literature
  • Emerging Forms of Literature
  • Dislocation, Displacement and Dispossession
  • Comparative Literature

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Guidelines for Authors:


  1. Submissions can be sent by e-mail at
  2. Manuscripts should be of unpublished work and not have been submitted  elsewhere for publication.
  3. Every submission must have a Certificate to the effect that it is Plagiarism Free (within permissible limits).
  4. All submissions must be in Font: Arial, Size: 12, Line spacing: double spaced and submitted only in MS Word 2007. 
  5. The size of articles/ papers should be approx. 3000 words or up to ten pages.
  6. The articles/ papers must conform to the latest MLA Handbook in all respects.
  7. The first page must contain with a brief abstract of the paper title of the research paper, Name of Author(s), Designation, Postal and Official Address, E-mail Address and Phone number.
  8. Deadline For Submissions For Next Issues on 31 July, 2022 and 30 September 2022.  

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