CFP: Home is Where the Homo Is: Creating LGBTQ Media Families (8/1/17; 11/1-5/17)

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August 1, 2017
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Film & History
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CFP: Home is Where the Homo Is: Creating LGBTQ Media Families

An area of multiple panels for the 2017 Film & History Conference:

Representing Home: The Real and Imagined Spaces of Belonging

November 1-November 5, 2017

The Milwaukee Hilton

Milwaukee, WI (USA)


EXTENDED DEADLINE for abstracts: August 1, 2017


The push for marriage equality, the supreme court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage, and subsequent conservative backlashes against LGBTQ rights have generated a wide range of reactions and discussions about queer homes.  The excitement at same sex relationships being afforded equal status in the eyes of the law contrasts with a more radical call for a rejection of homonormative institutions.  


This area asks presenters to consider the ways in which LGBTQ media interacts with complex notions of the home and family.  “Home” often evokes images of domesticity and conventional familiarity.  In what ways is this conception linked, or not, to LGBTQ people and images?  How do LGBTQ media texts present and challenge ideas of home?  How do communities and industry structures provide homes for media makers and queer audiences?  We encourage submissions from creative practitioners as well as scholars.


Possible topics could include:

-       Images and imaginaries of the home, “modern” families and queer temporality

-       Gentrification, migration, and intersectional queer geographies of home

-       Homonationalism, homodomesticity, pinkwashing: voting rights, gerrymandering as disruption to queer homemaking

-       Alternative “homes” and family within professional production contexts

-       Chosen families; queer histories and historiography of home; adoption; home economics; domestic workers/domestic labor; housing crisis, homelessness

-       Feminist histories, lesbian separatism, womyn’s land; Radical Faerie communities

-       Homes away from home: boarding schools, prison, queer houses, group homes, bathhouses, back rooms, etc.

-       Creating a “home” for LGBTQ media- distribution, exhibition, programming; LGBTQ Film Festivals, micro-cinemas

-       Home video, streaming content, digital homes and interfaces, and their relationships with queer media

-       Amateur and DIY productions

-       Conservative backlashes against queer homes; patriarchy at home; “family values”

-       Oral histories and personal narratives

Proposals for complete panels (three related presentations) are also welcome, but they must include an abstract and contact information, including an e-mail address, for each presenter. For updates and registration information, see the Film & History website (


Please e-mail your 200-word proposal to the area chair:


Chelsea McCracken

University of Wisconsin-Madison


kerrie welsh

University of California, Santa Cruz