The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal Call for Paper

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August 31, 2017
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The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal at UCONN

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Call for Submissions


The Quiet Corner Interdisciplinary Journal is requesting submissions for its upcoming issue on the topic of narrative as a mechanism for the production of meaning. Much research in the field of cognitive science has advanced the notion that narrative itself is the fundamental medium of human understanding, that we make sense of reality most essentially through telling stories. This broad and elemental vision of narrative raises intriguing questions concerning the nature of ‘meaning’ - and by extension ‘truth’, ‘justice’, and so on - as well as its production and use value in human society. TQC invites authors to explore how stories and storytelling, not limited to the strictly “literary,” give shape to our experience of social reality.


Submission Guidelines

Please be sure to include the title of the work and, for scholarly papers, a 250 word abstract.


Do not include any identifying information about the authors, as the document you submit will be sent to reviewers.


Submissions must be original works produced by graduate-level students. We welcome submissions in any and all languages. Papers must follow MLA formatting and citation guidelines, and should be limited to 20 pages. We do not accept concurrent submissions or submissions that have been previously published.
 Submissions should be submitted via the TQC digital platform at Any questions or concerns can be addressed by email to




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