Call for Web Feature Articles on Blues and Jazz Topics

deadline for submissions: 
August 27, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
The Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club
contact email: 

The Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club is an organization committed to helping blues and jazz music and dance enthusiasts learn more of the history and culture behind the music and dances. Our organization provides reading lists, interactive opportunities with organizers and fellow book club members through Facebook, and a quarterly book to read and discuss. As of 2016, we successfully launched a bi-annual live event, featuring a scholar discussing one of the books or authors we have read during the year. 

With our continued success and growth, over 500 members from around the world so far, we have deemed it necessary to expand our platform from Facebook-only to a more easily accessible website. This website allows us to more formally meet the stated needs of our participating book club members: to provide formal pathways to local book club leadership, to have easy and organized access to reading lists and weekly discussion questions, and most importantly, to give our book club members the opportunity to engage with new scholarship on blues and jazz music and dance. 

Given our success with the live event endeavor and regular requests for more engagement with the current scholarship and community in a broader range of formats than formal sociological studies, the Blues and Jazz Dance Book Club website is seeking monthly feature articles ranging between 1,000 and 3,000 words on various blues and jazz topics. As such, our organization is looking for individuals who are actively engaged in blues and jazz culture and/or scholarship who are interested in writing conversational yet informative articles for our website. You can find us at

We invite authors to submit a 250-word abstracts on their proposed topic and a 50-word bio to Chelsea Adams at  The deadline for abstracts is August 27, 2017. You can find us at

We are in particular need of 1,000-3,000 word articles on the following topics/books:

  • August Wilson and the blues
  • Blues and jazz in Toni Morrison’s work
  • Music in Ralph Ellison’s work
  • Blues and jazz in poetry
  • Blues and jazz in short stories
  • Blues and jazz representation in film
  • Blues influence in literature
  • Jazz influence in literature
  • James Weldon Johnson on music and dance
  • How to read sociological texts on blues and jazz
  • Alan Lomax
  • Carl Van Vechten
  • Influential blues musicians
  • Influential jazz musicians
  • Groundbreaking black dancers
  • Blues and Jazz idiom dances such as:
    • Fishtail
    • Mooche
    • Messaround
    • Essence
    • Slow Drag
    • Strut
    • Buzzard Lope
    • Lindy Hop
    • Charleston
    • Jitterbug
    • Stroll
    • Twist
    • Cakewalk
    • Around the World
    • Snake Hips
    • Black Bottom
    • Shimmy
    • Itch
    • Shorty George
    • Camel Walk
    • Eagle Rock
    • Ballin’ the Jack
    • Black Dance Aesthetic
    • Analysis of individual blues and jazz songs
    • Black dance on stage
    • Black music in concert
    • Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues, A Musical History
    • Jazz Dance: The Story of American Vernacular Dance by Marshall and Jean Stearns
    • Blues All Around Me, The Autobiography of B.B. King by B.B. King with David Ritz
    • Jazz Poems Selected and Edited by Kevin Young (Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets)
    • Deep Blues by Robert Palmer
    • Jazz Dance: A History of the Roots and Branches Edited by Lindsay Guarino and Wendy Oliver
    • I Put A Spell On You: The Autobiography of Nina Simone by Nina Simone