Fictions of Circulation (journal special issue)

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May 1, 2018
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Papers on Language and Literature
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Update: I am seeking one replacement article to complete a forthcoming special issue of Papers on Language and Literature

The emphasis for the issue is on examining self-reflexive (even self-theorizing) texts which may be considered "world literature", as described below:

Over the last twenty years, a considerable amount of scholarship has focused on the idea of world literature as a function of transmission and reception, rather than a body of canonical texts. This focus on how literature moves across boundaries – geographic, linguistic, and cultural – through the processes of translation and publication, often on a macro or global scale, is often understood as a rejection of close reading methods. This issue, however, challenges scholars to find the global in the particular. We begin from the assumption that authors are well aware of the multiple potential audiences a text may enjoy, and of the processes through which the text may circulate. Therefore, we seek papers that explore self-conscious and meta-fictional representations of the processes of translation, publication, and reception. We are particularly interested in texts that fictionalize the circulation of texts across borders – that are, in essence, clear manifestations of the world literature phenomenon. What can we learn about the movement of texts from any one particular text? If we may consider world literature to be a mode of reading, how can a text that presents itself as a "fiction of circulation" demonstrate that world literature is a mode of writing, as well?

I am open to a broad array of approaches to this topic, but am particularly interested in essays which examine texts composed before the 20th century.

Please send 6000-9000 word articles to Gretchen Busl at gbusl (at) by May 1st. I am happy to read abstracts and answer inquiries in advance.