International Conference LITERATURE OF PRINCES

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October 1, 2017
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G. Călinescu” Institute of Literary History and Theory, Romanian Academy

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During 24th-25th November 2017, the “G. Călinescu” Institute of Literary History and Theory, together with its partners from the academic institutes from Bucharest, Iași, Galati ant the National Museum of Romanian Literature as well, will organize the 3rd edition of The National Conference of Old Literature wich this year proposes the topic of



The Literature of princes enhances the cultural space of old Romanian age which may be approached from two different points of view. The first one relates to the extensive number of parenetic, didactical, pedagogic and advisory texts belonging to the Specula Principum, Fürstenspiegel, Mirror of Princes field carrying out the taste, sensibility and mentality of Romanian world. The first Romanian cultural representation of this literary genre is reflected by Învățăturile lui Neagoe Basarab (The Teachings of Neagoe Basarab), contemporary to Institutio principis christiani which Erasmus of Rotterdam printed in 1516 and to Machiavelli's The Prince, published in 1532 after almost two decades of successive writing (1513). Later on, the Romanian culture provided this literary genre with original texts, translations and adaptations (Matei al Mirelor, Sfaturi către Alexandru Iliaș, c. 1616–1618; Petru Movilă, Sfaturi adressed to his brother Moses enthroned in Moldavia at 1613 and included in the Preface to Triodul ales, Kiev, 1631; Antim Ivireanul, Sfătuiri creștine politice către (…) domnul domn Ioan Ștefan Cantacuzino, Bucharest, 1715; Nicolae Mavrocordat, Sfătuirile (…) date fiului său domnului domn Constantin Nicolae voievod, 1725, Ceasornicul domnilor by Antonio de Guevara; Capetele by Vasile I The Macedon et alii), all of them mirroring overt structures of political power viewed in their constant change from theocracy to monarchy, from old customary rules to erudite juridical norms.

The second perspective to be taken into consideration approaches the status of the prince as writer which portrays the Rex prudens et sapiens and his cultural monarchy. Therefore, this year edition of our Conference opens the way to the scientific debate on the dynamics of our old literature, on its rupture with the religious dominance which has given the political power relevant cultural legitimacy so as to adhere to the contemporary European cultural dominants. This entails a maturity age of the Romanian old literature which turns its face to the European one (see also the Portuguese case  – the Avis dynasty of princes: D. João I, D. Duarte and D. Pedro, the Castilian case by Don Alfonso the Xth, Don Sancho the IVth, Don Juan Manuel, the Russian case by Andrei Kurbski, Antioh Cantemir et alii, the French case – by Ludovic the IXth and the English case – by Henry the Second etc.), as the idiosyncratic reshapes of the political imaginary generated new motivations turned into major literary themes up to the Middle Ages. One can mention here the works of Dimitrie Cantemir, Nicolae Mavrocordat, Constantin Brâncoveanu the Son, Petru Cercel etc.

By approaching the Literature of Princes, the Conference invites the academic community to scientific debates on the role of fundamental cultural models, on the Romanian political imaginary and its European extensions, on the role of the culturally-rooted language able to communicate complex relationships developed within the social inventory of rules and hierarchies, of ceremonial behaviour, of  tradition and innovation.



Deadline for submission of proposals – 1st October 2017

Deadline for accepting the paper – 15th October 2017

Deadline for sending the participation fee – 1st November 2017

Deadline for full paper submission – 1st February 2018


Participation fee: 230 LEI (50euro) includes conference organization/ materials and the published Conference volume


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Scientific Committee :

Acad. Eugen Simion

Prof. Simona Antofi (Galați), C.S. I Laura Bădescu (Bucharest), Prof. Ioana Costa (Bucharest), Prof. Mianda Cioba (Bucharest), Prof. Gheorghe Chivu (Bucharest), Prof. Alexandru Gafton (Iaşi), Prof. Ileana Mihăilă (Bucharest), C.S. I Eugen Pavel (Cluj)


Organizing Committee:

C.S. I Laura Bădescu,  Conf. Ioan Cristescu, Gabriela Dumitrescu (Manuscript Departament BAR), Prof. Nicoleta Ifrim, C.S.II Oana Soare



Dr. Carmina Cojocaru


On Behalf of the Organizing Committee,

C.S. I Laura Bădescu