Contemporary Arabic Literature in Translation

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September 30, 2017
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NEMLA annual convention in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia 2018
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The early years of the 21st century have witnessed a new wave of Arabic literary works being translated into English and many other languages. A new generation of Arabic authors has been influenced by political events since 9/11, including the Iraq War and most recently, the Arab uprisings. Internationally, the translation of many prestigious literary works by Arab authors have introduced the contemporary Arabic literature to the global readers. This session proposal aims to examine the recently translated Arabic literature that presented authors who imparted new modes of writing and innovative topics. 
The most recent generation of Arabic writers have depicted globalization, Arab diaspora, national and transnational politics, leading to the emergence of new genres including anthropological novels, graphic novels, and novels featuring magical realism. The interested participants are encouraged to submit papers to examine the contemporary translated Arabic literary works of the rebellious authors who have published their works to break social, religious and political taboos and led way in exploring new issues of sectarianism, immigration, marital relationships, homosexuality, religious minorities, ethnology, ethnography, sociology, geopolitics, intergeneration, gender and identity.

The panel aims to examine the contemporary Arabic literature in translation. The interested participants are encouraged to submit papers to criticize, analyze, and discuss the most recent, prominent, translated Arabic literature into English and/or other languages. Submit your abstract on the CFP link below: