Special Issue of Midwest Quarterly on Pedagogy & Diversity

deadline for submissions: 
July 25, 2017
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Midwest Quarterly
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deadline for submissions: July 25th 2017Guest Editors: Sandra Cox and James M. Greene, Department of English and Modern Languages at Pittsburg State University

Contact E-mail: jmgreene@pittstate.edu and/or smcox@pittstate.edu

Call for Submissions:

The Midwest Quarterly, an academic journal devoted to interdisciplinary research in contemporary thought, invites submissions for a special Summer 2018 issue on diversity and teaching. Recent protests on campuses across the US serve as a reminder that questions of recognition, privilege, and identity remain central to the concerns of many students. How do we as faculty explore such questions in our classrooms, particularly in contexts where those classrooms are relatively homogenous? How do we encourage recognition of difference without either appropriating the voices of under-represented groups or alienating the voices of historically privileged groups?

 The Midwest Quarterly welcomes submissions of articles about the theory and practice of teaching in an age of identity politics. Submissions that explore multiple angles related to this topic are particularly sought and may investigate such topics as:

  • Best practices for encouraging critical thought about power, privilege and/or difference
  • Critiques of pedagogical practices that may limit that sort of critical thought
  • Explorations of how race, gender, sex, sexuality and national origin affect relationships among and between students and teachers
  • Case studies of especially vexing or compelling issues related to teaching tolerance in secondary and post-secondary educational institutions
  • Analyses of the rhetoric and/or support provided for diversity initiatives on campuses
  • Recommendations of teaching materials that facilitate productive conversations about power, privilege and difference in classrooms, both physical and electronic
  • Other relevant contributions to discourse on teaching and diversity.                                                                                                          

Please, send (as MSWord attachments) a 300-word abstract, a 1-page curriculum vitae and contact information to smcox@pittstate.edu and/or jmgreene@pittstate.edu by July 25th, 2017. Proposals will be evaluated in August, and the deadline for final drafts of articles from the selected proposals will be in January of 2018. Submissions should conform to the journal’s guidelines, which can be found at http://www.pittstate.edu/info/midwestq/submit.dot

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