Cinematic, Literary and General Interest Works Wanted

deadline for submissions: 
August 15, 2017
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Cinematic Codes Review / Pennsylvania Literary Journal

General submissions are invited for two of Anaphora's journals. PLJ focuses on literary theory, as well as fiction stories, poetry and other creative and non-fiction works. CCR surveys various visual and audio mediums, including film and music. Critical essays, book or film reviews, creative works, art, illustrations, photography, and various other types of projects are invited. Contributors can be academics, graduate students or professionals in the relevant fields. General interest projects on business, agriculture, pop culture, and the like are also of interest. You can see excerpts from the journals on Anaphora's website and in the Amazon LookInsides of the issues. Each issue is available in print, and as EBSCO and ProQuest ebooks. Contributors receive a free copy of the season's issues. Email the finished project with a paragraph bio to


Pennsylvania Literary Journal (ISSN#: 2151-3066; Library of Congress Catalog Number: PN80.P46) is a printed peer-reviewed journal that publishes critical essays, book-reviews, short stories, interviews, photographs, art, and poetry. PLJ is available through the EBSCO Academic Complete and ProQuest databases in full-text. It is also on sale as single issues on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and most other online bookstores. It is cataloged in the MLA International Bibliography, the MLA Directory of Periodicals, Genamics JournalSeek, and Duotrope’s Digest. PLJ has published works by and interviews with New York Times bestselling writers like Larry Niven and Cinda Williams Chima. Dr. R. Joseph Rodríguez received the 2015 CCCC Lavender Rhetorics Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship’s Article Award for his article, “There Are Many Rooms” which appeared in Volume VI, Issue 1 of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal (El Paso Inc).

Cinematic Codes Review: ISSN 2473-3385 (print); ISSN 2473-3377 (online): features works in all visual genres, especially those with moving pictures, be they music videos, feature films, documentaries, photography, or just about any other mode or genre of art that does not fall into the realm of “literature,” which will be the primary object of Anaphora’s Pennsylvania Literary Journal. The other term in the name is “codes” and the intention here is to go beyond the simple summary or theme of the projects criticized in this journal’s pages to the codes and meanings that are hidden beyond the superficial. The third component of the journal is a dedication to reviewing and criticizing the arts, as opposed to applauding and viewing them. A great review should help artists to make better art by pointing out flaws. There is no such thing as perfect art, as all art is still in its infancy, and the last couple of centuries have seen great leaps in its evolution. There is a long road ahead for art, and it’s the critics’ job to take it in the right direction. Artists are not children that need to be congratulated on their mistakes. They should see profits in honest negativity, and the downfall of creativity in false flattery.

“Thank you for a very fair review of my show. You seem to understand it very well. Appreciate you taking the time to go through several episodes, not just the pilot. Many more good things on the way and hopefully the show will get even better. I’m certainly having a blast.” –Jack Maxwell, Host, Booze Traveler, Travel Channel