Special Edition of Mai: Journal of Feminism and Visual Culture – ‘Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Sex in Contemporary Film and TV’

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August 14, 2017
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MAI: Journal of Feminism and Visual Culture

CFP: Special Edition of Mai: Journal of Feminism and Visual Culture – ‘Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Sex in Contemporary Film and TV’ The newly founded feminist and LGBTQIA+ journal Mai is seeking contributions to its special edition, which revolves around ‘Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Sex in Contemporary Film and TV’. Mai is a new journal founded and edited by Anna Backman Rogers (Senior Lecturer in Feminist Philosophy and Visual Culture, University of Gothenburg, Sweden) and is named after the Swedish feminist filmmaker Mai Zetterling. The journal aims to become the basis for an intersectional feminist and queer collective of scholars, writers, artists and activists. We are hoping for the edition to be published by March 2018, and we are also keen on receiving a range of papers, and other experimental pieces, which can be defined by contributors. Conventional or standard academic papers should be 5,000 – 6,000 words in length, although we will consider some shorter pieces of 3,000 words. Other pieces, such as interviews for instance, should aim to stick to this word limit too (5-6,000 words).   Please also note a couple of things. Firstly, this edition is centred on Feminist and Queer perspectives of sexual images and the representation of sex acts, not sex in the biological/physiological sense (but papers concerned with the relationship between anatomy and sex acts are obviously welcomed) . Secondly, for the sake of this edition, ‘contemporary’ can also be loosely defined by those who submit papers, but generally means media texts released in the last ten years.  Papers may centre on:  • How contemporary Film and TV is stylistically or narratively representing sex acts. • What role sex plays within genre or narrative more broadly. • How different film/TV cultures use or represent sex to tell a story or to further character development. • The political ramifications of screening sex. • Ethical considerations of screening sex. • The connection between socio-cultural factors and industrial shifts in relation to screening sex. • Sex acts in relation to masculinity and femininity. • Audiences and watching sexual images. • ‘Alternative’ representations of sex in Film and TV and the importance of these sexual images. • ‘Queer Sex’• BDSM, Kink and ‘Othering’ the sex act. • Heteronormative, hetero-centric or homonormative representations of sex. • How the history of sex on-screen has affected present depictions. • The relationship between pornography and sex in mainstream film/TV. • The relationship between sex in cinema and sex on TV.  Abstracts should be 200 – 250 words, and should also include a 100 word bio. The deadline for abstracts has been extended and is now the 14th August 2017, with successful contributors being contacted by 31st August 2017. A copy of the paper should be sent to the editors by January 15th 2018, to then be peer-reviewed and edited. Please email abstracts to: Connor.Winterton@mail.bcu.ac.uk (guest editor) and please feel free to get in touch with any informal enquiries, either to me or Anna Backman Rogers: Anna.Backman.Rogers@gu.se 

Best wishes, 

 Connor WintertonPhD Researcher in Media and Cultural StudiesBirmingham School of MediaBirmingham City UniversityConnor.Winterton@mail.bcu.ac.uk