Techniques & Perspectives on the Analysis of Film

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February 28, 2018
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Under the Light

Under the Light is focused mostly on discussing and reviewing indie and foreign films, but we are not limited to this. We'd like to create a sort of guide on how to approach films when analyzing and reviewing them (where the analysis or review will be academic in scope). There are books out there on this already, but we'd like to have more genre-specific papers for our guide. Here are just some possibilities:

  • The aesthetics of the grotesque in horror film
  • Looking at a foreign film through the lens of the respective culture and society
  • Psychoanalysis and film
  • Film as ecocriticism; ecology within film


Articles can be more general than this, or maybe even more specific (but just slightly so).

Essentially, the question of how should one approach/analyze film? is the focal point. So, this issue will be a guide that features articles such as:

  • How should one analyze a film from the perspective, and using the tools, of psychoanalysis?
  • How should one consider the aesthetics within a film?


If you're unsure if we'd be interested in a particular paper, feel free to query us.

We may also be in need for an editor for this project.


We'd like to have an abstract by the end of November, 2017,

We can alter the deadline as necessary; if you'd like to submit something but unsure if you'd have it in time, just let us know and we can work something out.

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Link to project details:

Our goal is to, hopefully, get this compiled into a volume and get it published in print.