CFP-"Late Medieval Christianity: Religious Cultures, Heresies, and Orthodoxies"

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January 1, 2018
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Journal of Religions
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Dear Colleagues,

This special issue of ""Late Medieval Christianity: Religious Cultures, Heresies, and Orthodoxies"" is now open for submission.This Special Issue of Religions will feature original research on aspects of Christianity during the late medieval period, broadly defined as extending from the Fourth Lateran Council (1215) through the emergence of the Protestant reformations of the sixteenth century. Of particular interest are articles that address late medieval religious cultures and practices; that touch upon persons, groups, texts, or ideas denominated heterodox or heretical; or that focus on the ways in which religious groups and institutions defined, practiced, and reformed orthodoxy/ies. In addition, we especially welcome contributions that interrogate the categories of heresy, orthodoxy, and heterodoxy themselves, and in so doing generate new theoretical or methodological insights about the ways in which Christians and Christian communities have demarcated (and/or continue today to demarcate) the boundaries of acceptable belief and practice.

Articles may focus on a single geographical region or chronological sub-period, but special consideration will be given to studies that engage in comparative work across national, linguistic, intellectual, or temporal boundaries. Likewise, studies may emerge out of a single scholarly discipline (e.g., literary studies, theology, historical studies), but priority will be given to contributions that are interdisciplinary in nature. The goal of this Special Issue is to continue rounding out our understanding of the place that the categories of heresy and orthodoxy occupied in the thought-world, as well as the practical living-out, of late medieval Christianity.


  • Late medieval Christianity
  • heresy
  • religious practices
  • religious cultures
  • heterodoxy
  • orthodoxy
  • canon law
  • lollards
  • Wycliffites
  • Hussites
  • Cathars
  • Waldensians
  • heresy of the Free Spirit
  • reform
  • reformation

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