Intersex in Literature, Film, and Visual Culture

deadline for submissions: 
September 21, 2017
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American Comparative Literature Association, Los Angeles, 03/29-04/01,2018
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In her 2009 introduction to Critical Intersex, Morgan Holmes posits that intersex can never be “reduced to a pure, embodied state nor to a simple, cultural render in which ‘intersex’ is whatever we want it to be.” “‘Intersex’ then,” she continues, “is hailed by specific and competing interests, and is a sign constantly under erasure, whose significance always carried the trace of an agenda from somewhere else.” This seminar seeks to address intersex in relation to these “elsewheres” in literature, film, and visual studies. We encourage submissions that critically consider intersex in a broad range of texts, time periods, and genres, as a way of promoting and fostering a burgeoning field of “intersex studies.”

Papers need to be submitted directly to the ACLA website between September 1-21, 2017:

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