CFP: Agency and Ecomedia

deadline for submissions: 
August 25, 2017
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Mario Trono Mount Royal University
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Proposed Panel for Society of Cinema and Media Studies conference, March 14–18, 2018, Toronto, Canada

This planned panel will feature papers that foreground agency as a topic in the context of each presenter’s current ecocritical project. All analyses of ecomedia assume various forms of agency and agentic possibility on the part of subjects, systems, or matter itself. The idea here is to foreground and examine the assumptions operative in your current work and bring them into conversation with wider debates on agency. The focus of your current research will form the active grounds for theorization. Approaches could range from traditional philosophical contexts for discussions of agency (concepts of action, intentionality, causation, ethics, and mental states) to discussions of activist ladders and vectors for social-ecological systems change to posthumanist theories of agency such as Stacy Alaimo’s trans-corporeality, Bruno Latour’s actant, Karen Barad’s intra-action, or Jane Bennett’s vital materialism.

Please submit a proposal to Mario Trono at of approx. 500 words by August 25th, 2017 at which point I will send out decisions and ask for the required bibliography and character bio before submitting to SCMS by month's end.

Mario Trono, Associate Professor

Department of English, Languages, and Cultures, Mount Royal University

4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada

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