Methods and Tools for Reuniting Manuscript Fragments (A Roundtable)

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September 15, 2017
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Digital Editing and the Medieval Manuscript Roll/Fragment
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2. Methods and Tools for Reuniting Manuscript Fragments (A Roundtable)

The proposed roundtable invites papers on both the techniques and technologies that scholars use to virtually reunite disparate fragments from the same original codex, as well as the scholarly and pedagogical value in creating these virtual, restored objects. This roundtable offers participants the opportunity to reflect on a number of exciting developments in "fragmentology" from individuals and institutions around the world who have recently turned their attention to the specific challenges and rewards of working with medieval manuscript fragments. Panelists are invited to speak about specific projects, as well as broader concepts involved in fragment studies and digital humanities, such as IIIF, academic crowd sourcing, the publication and publicization of digital projects, and new digital tools and methods for working with manuscript fragments.

Please submit a 250-word proposal as well as a completed Participant Information Form to by September 15, 2017.