deadline for submissions: 
November 1, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Independent Magazine | Obsessed with Independent Film since 1976

Call for proposals: “The Global Screen” for Independent Magazine.  (http://independent-magazine.org/)

Independent Magazine, “Obsessed with independent film since 1976,”has been serving the grassroots and alternative film community since its inception.  Now fully online, the magazine has 13,500 subscribers and receives 125,000 visits per year.  Its committed team of writers regularly produces reviews, interviews, profiles, and "how-to" pieces.  The magazine views independent film as “alternative cinema” or movies expressing viewpoints “outside” Hollywood mainstream.  Independent cinema often operates through smaller budget productions or non-commercial entities emphasizing a more artistic cinematic style and counter-culture political messages.   

The new scholarly series on “The Global Screen” aims to produce short essays of 2,500-3,500 words for a readership largely comprised of filmmakers and cinephiles.  This is an important opportunity for scholars to make theoretical concepts accessible to non-academic populations, to open up conversations by close reading film as artifacts of global thinking and feeling. 

Proposals for the scholarly series should address independent cinema’s engagements with contemporary globalism or films produced and consumed since 2001.  Arjun Appadurai observes a global “mediascape” where “the image, the imagined, the imaginary…direct us to something critical and new in global cultural processes (Modernity at Large 31).  Extending the work of Gilles Deleuze, Appadurai theorizes mediascapes report the “rhizomatic world in which we now live.”  The magazine’s new series will analyze and theorize contemporary independent cinema describing privileged and marginalized forms of mobility or strictures delimiting movement.   

Themes include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Migrants
  • Refugees
  • Undocumented populations
  • Migratory flows and stoppages
  • Contemporary diasporas
  • Privileged mobility and foreign opportunism
  • Movements of financial elites, economically enabled groups
  • Cosmopolitans and connoisseurs of culture
  • Political, social, and cultural displacement or dislocation
  • Movements and strictures engaging gender and sexuality in global contexts
  • Vacationers, travel abroad
  • Self-imposed and political exiles
  • Domestic upheavals due to population movements
  • Transnationalism, multi-nationalism, non-nationalism, nationalism.
  • Indigenous, resettled, and dislocated communities

Specifications for final article submissions:

  • 2,500-3,500 word count
  • MLA format


  • An abstract of 250 words and a short bio are due 11/1/17
  • Notice of acceptance by 12/1/17
  • Completed articles received by 2/1/18
  • First article published on 3/1/18
  • EMAIL submissions to:  Dr. Jayson Baker, Film Studies Guest Editor, series@independent-magazine.org