NEW JOURNAL: Early Middle English -- Call for Submissions

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2017
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Early Middle English
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Announcing *Early Middle English*, a new biannual open-access journal published by MIP-Arc Humanities Press.  *EME* is the first scholarly journal devoted to this vital period of linguistic change, literary and material experimentation, emerging genres, and multilingual interaction, and it takes the widest possible conception of the field. EME seeks to examine not only texts written in Early Middle English but also the historical and global situation of the literature of England and its production ca. 1100-1350. 

We are currently seeking submissions for the first two issues.  Submissions can fall into one of two categories:
1. Traditional long-form essays of 6000-8000 words

2. "Pece & Oþer" (piece-by-piece, one-bit-and-another) contributions: lexicographical notes, short analyses based on in-progress research, brief write-ups on manuscripts or manuscript discoveries, new editions of short texts in Early Middle English or related languages, and other items of interest to readers. 

We would be happy to answer any questions.  Please contact